NAO Services Delivery - GDO - Office (DocuCare) Level 1

Posted Feb 4, 2020
Project ID: XNAJP00022771
New York , NY
11 months
(Dec 16, 2019 - Nov 30, 2020)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
?   Possesses skills and competencies to deliver basic contracted customer requirements (includes: copying, faxing, printing and scanning functions)
?   Tasks and activities are defined and routine
?   Point of contact for equipment support and service
?   Perform basic equipment problem diagnosis
?   Clean and maintain office equipment as needed
?   Replace operator accessible parts and consumables
?   Maintain appropriate supply inventory
?   Maintain agreed upon level of uptime for copier fleet
?   Collect and submit meter reads
?   Track and coordinate the Move/Add/Change (MAC) of office equipment/assets
?   Point of contact for equipment removal/delivery
?   Point of contact to receive and electronically log customer jobs
?   Apply asset tags to office equipment and update database
?   Process and distribute incoming and outgoing faxes, log for billing purposes
?   Ability to lift up to 50 pounds

?   Ability to demonstrate Computer Skills Basic knowledge of PC (keyboard functions, mouse, etc.)
?   Ability to demonstrate basic knowledge of MS Word and/or Excel or equivalent -- Open saved workbooks -- Data entry -- Basic data and column/row formatting -- Print and save workbooks
?   Able to demonstrate ability to send and receive email ; -- Find, open and save documents and files -- Perform data entry -- Use internet explorer for web browsing -- Send documents to preconfigured printer
?   Able to demonstrate use of Basic Math skills (division, multiplication, percentages)
?   Able to demonstrate business maturity and professionalism

EXPERIENCE: Experience in a Customer Service environment (minimum 1 year)

EDUCATION: Minimum High School diploma or equivalent


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