Sr Software Developer

Posted Feb 4, 2020
Project ID: XNAJP00022491
Webster , NY
2 months
(Oct 14, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
Develops SSDE Software by designing, developing, and evolving our Xerox
Cloud Solutions. This is a cloud development position and working knowledge of Azure PAAS capabilities, cloud architecture, and IOT framework experience is required for the position.

Designs and Develops Xerox Cloud Solution Software by:
? Completing programming using languages and software products
? Designing and conducting unit level tests and contributing to System
Level verification.
? Adhering to the Agile Software development methodology.
? Participating in the peer inspection process
? Abiding by the Corporate licensing policies
? Complying with UI Design as well as Xerox branding standards.
? Contributing to Xerox?s Patent portfolio by generating and Submitting
Intellectual Property ideas.
? Troubleshooting development and production problems across multiple
environments and operating platforms.
? Using the Software Configuration Management tools and check in processes.
? Supporting Users by developing documentation and assistance tools.

General Qualifications:
? Bachelor?s degree in Computer Science or related field
? 5 ? 10 years software development experience
? Teamwork Experience
? Verbal Communication skills
? User Interface Design experience
? Preferably Agile Software Development Process experience
? Object-Oriented Design (OOD) experience
? Software Debug and Troubleshooting

Device Management Solution Developer Qualifications
? Microsoft Azure PAAS and Azure SDK experience required
? Xerox EIP SDK Programming Experience (desired but not required)
? AngularJS
? MS Windows programming C++
? MS Windows programming C#/.NET (preferred)
? MS Windows Application Development
? ASP.NET Web Application Development
? SNMP development experience
? Javascript
? MVC Framework Experience
? Entity Framework Experience
? SQL Server Experience
? MS Windows Print Path Experience
? Strong Design Skills (ability to understand the whole system)

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